Enmico are proud to be the only enterprise in Iran to manufacture Vacuum Infusion Composite ships in vast quantities. Our first composite ship production was launched in August 2015.Our portfolio consists of various commercial,leisure, passenger, research and coastguard as well as custom-built ships. Our ships are built of innovative composite material designed by our specialist team from Sweden, which makes them robust, extremely light-weight, and fuel efficient.They require minimal maintenance with a very long life span.

Our production line is situated in the southern Iranian province of Abadan and spread over 10 acres of private land with direct access to the sea. Our facilities have been fully prepped and built specifically for our unique manufacturing line un-rivaled in the region.

3d hull

Enterprise with experience

Our engineers are gathered from all regions of the world and they have the skills necessary to create modern boats that handle any task they are designed to do.
Having experienced engineers is important to us at Enmico.


Best tools

Enmico is the only company in Iran to produce Vacuum Injection Composite ships. We began operating as a private company in 2005 and started our production line of fully functional commercial boats in 2010.


International partners

We have a very capable team based in Sweden, with strong international business network and presence. They provide us with high quality components and materials from our international partners.